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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Astroneer?

Astroneer is a multiplayer Space Exploration Sandbox game developed by System Era Softworks.

What platforms is Astroneer on?

How much does Astroneer cost?

Astroneer can be purchased for 29.99 USD

What is Astroneer about?

Astroneer is set during the 25th century’s Intergalactic Age of Discovery, where Astroneers explore the frontiers of outer space, risking their lives in harsh environments to unearth rare discoveries and unlock the mysteries of the universe. Players can work together to build custom bases and vehicles and use terrain to create anything they can imagine. A player’s creativity and ingenuity is the key to seeking out and thriving on exciting planetary adventures!


I found a bug in Astroneer! What do I do?

Oh no! The best way for you to share bugs is by emailing our support team! Try to include as much info as you can including which platform you play on, your in-game username, and a description of the problem you encountered so we can try and reproduce it and come up with a fix!

What do I do if Astroneer crashed?

Crash report data is automatically sent to our engineers. However, if your crash is consistent and repeatable, please send an email to our support team. Include any info that can help us reproduce the problem. Be sure to let us know which platform you're playing on and include your computer's specs if you're playing on PC.

I have a suggestion to make Astroneer better! How do I tell you?

All suggestions for Astroneer should be posted on the Astroneer Subreddit with the 'Game Suggestion' flair! Posting there makes sure we can see and keep track of all suggestions, and also gives other players the opportunity to read about what you think might make Astroneer better!

Is Astroneer coming to Mac and Linux?

We currently have no plans to release a Mac version and we are evaluating whether we will develop a Linux compatible version of our dedicated server software.

Does Astroneer have a development roadmap?

You can keep up with the latest Astroneer news on our blog, including announcements, roadmap updates, and community roundups. Click here to visit our blog!

What is engine is Astroneer developed in?

Astroneer is being developed using Unreal Engine 4!

What languages does Astroneer support?

Astroneer is currently available in:

  • English
  • German
  • Russian
  • Spanish Latin
  • Spanish Castilian
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Dutch
  • Turkish

What is a Zebra Ball?

What are you talking about?

I'm stuck! What do I do?

You can use the links above to visit the Astroneer Wiki, join our Discord, or check out or Subreddit to ask for some help!

I want friends to play with! Where can I find them?

How do I redeem codes for cosmetic rewards?

Players on Steam, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch can redeem codes in-game by visiting EXO Outfitters and selecting 'Redeem Code', enter the code to claim your cosmetic item. Players on PlayStation or those who are having trouble with their code should send an email to our support team for assistance.

Does Astroneer have a wiki?

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